The Patchworks of Lucy Boston


Since Lucy Boston’s death in 1990 her beautiful and original patchworks have become a legend in their own right. An artist in all she did, Lucy Boston made the patchworks during the winter months, when she could not spend so many hours in the garden. Each one is entirely original, with twenty stitches to the inch even when she was over ninety years old. Her inspiration came from many sources.

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Diana Boston describes each patchwork with extracts from Lucy Boston’s letters and writings at the time she made them. The patchworks are photographed whole, and many details are shown too, in this carefully and lovingly complied book, which makes a stunning record in print of a rare historical collection of textile art.

Diana Boston, daughter-in-law of Lucy, now lives at The Manor and each year shows the patchwork collection to visitors during guided tours of the house.

Julia Hedgecoe specialises in photographing unusual works of art. In photographing the patchworks she has brilliantly succeeded in capturing the textile and tactile quality of these arresting and unusual creations.