An intriguing Mediaeval Home

Come and visit this typically english gem

Home of the green knowe stories and lucy boston’s exquisite patchwork collection

The Music Room, The Manor Hemingford Grey

The House

There is a certain amount of scepticism when people first see the red brick Georgian front and are told that it is one of the two oldest continually inhabited houses in Britain.

There is no clue that visitors will get the chance to sit in a room which is structurally the same as when it was built 900 years ago – other than a new beam probably inserted in the 1300s and electricity which was installed in 1939.

Photo © Julia Hedgecoe

The Garden

This beautiful, tranquil garden is filled with old cottage garden plants, reminding visitors of favourite gardens they visited in their childhood. It is also very up to date with plants not commonly seen.

It is planted so that there is interest throughout the year.


Lucy Boston was awarded the Carnegie Medal for the best children’s book published in 1961 – A Stranger at Green Knowe. Some regard it as the best children’s animal story ever written.

For readers of the books the little carved wooden mouse is the most important item to see on the tour of the house.


Works of art within the very tight limitation of the traditional way of making patchworks, these patchworks have now become world famous and some would hold their own in any top art gallery.

What a treat to be able to be shown them in the house where they were made.

Photo © Julia Hedgecoe