The Children of Green Knowe


The iconic BBC series from 1986 now released on DVD. Classification U.

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A young boy, Toseland (Alec Christie) is shipped off for a festive stay at the ancient Oldknow family home – only to be told that he’ll be spending Christmas with his great-grandmother, Mrs Oldknow (Daphne Oxenford).

When he arrives at the strangely enchanting Green Knowe manor, Mrs Oldknow is keen to tell Toseland about his family’s rich, eccentric past. Slowly but surely, ‘Tolly’ begins to feel the presence of quite a few others in the house – and these aren’t any ordinary residents.

As his great-grandmother continues to tell her supernatural stories, they become more and more of a reality. Toseland comes face-to-face with the spirits of his ancestors, and is connected with both the ghosts and the magic of Green Knowe. The captivating telefantasy mini-series is produced by BAFTA winner and Primetime Emmy nominee Paul Stone (The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe).